Monday, March 21, 2011


Back to school after a great weekend at home! Unfortunately, I'm really hurting today. I feel like my left shoulder/shoulder blade is going to fall off. I'm not sure if it has to do with my collar bone having been broken when I was little. But carrying my backpack is like torture. I'm sure it has to do with Goy getting bigger, with my body just changing in general. Speaking of Goy, the little boogar is going through a growth spurt and I can feel my uterus stretching, which is not a jolly feeling. AND I'm having weird intestinal stuff going on. I don't even know how to explain the feeling. It's in between my stomach and chest. It's almost like a bloated feeling. And I can't eat much or I'm just not hungry. I felt famished this morning and when I stopped to eat breakfast, I ate about a quarter of my food and felt like I was going to EXPLODE. I need a nap.

But let's talk about Goy. I changed the boy name. The change was inspired by my father, only because he HATES the name Jasper. When I told him my names, he was horrified. "Jasper? Why would anyone who had a choice of what to name their kid name him JASPER? That's not a good Italian name!" He said it with some humor in his voice. We aren't really concerned with the names being super Italian ha ha. But, I decided that I didn't want my dad to hate his first grandchild's name (assuming that Goy is a boy). Therefore, I've changed it to... DRUMROLL... Jack Alexander Conte. And what I love even MORE is that his initials will be J.A.C. I was thinking about Jude, but I've just ALWAYS loved the name Jack. My mom has decided (if Goy is a girl) that her nickname will be Snack Pack, all derived from her initials, SNC. Gotta love my momma.

In other news, my 22nd birthday is just around the corner, about two and a half weeks away! On my birthday (the 8th) is my next doctor's appointment and I will hear Goy's heartbeat again. This time I will make sure to get a recording and post it on here so you can all hear it. Then, three days later (after a weekend at home celebrating the start of my 23rd year) I HAVE MY ULTRASOUND! Exactly three weeks from today.

I'm getting bigger and bigger everrrrry day. I'll make sure to post some belly pictures soon. That's all I have for now! Ciao!

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