Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost There

Yesterday, I hit 17 weeks pregnant. Only three more weeks 'til the halfway point! Every time I go through another week, I feel like I've accomplished something. Here's what I posted yesterday for 17 weeks:
Today, I'm 17 weeks pregnant. Goy's skeleton is hardening into bone. Goy is about 5 inches from head to rump and weighs 5 ounces. Goy's sweat glands are starting to develop AND Goy can now move his/her little joints.
Here are some pictures from the other day. All taken 16 weeks, 6 days.

I should start to feel Goy move soon. However, they say that if it's a person's first pregnancy, they could mistake baby movement for gas! I will probably be one of these people ha ha ha.

I will be home this weekend. Make sure to give me a call if you want to hang out. I'll be home Friday around 3ish and will be leaving Monday around noon. Then only one weekend stuck in Gainesville (which I will be spending apartment hunting with my rad roomie, Courtney) 'til I'm back for my birthday! Speaking of birthday, that's my next doctor's appointment. I may have already said this, but I'll make sure to get a recording of the heart beat up here so you can all hear it. Then, after Organic Chemistry, my mom and I will be on our way to Anna Maria. I think I'm gonna have a beach day Saturday with Britnifer and some friends to celebrate the start of my 23rd year on earth. Let me know if you want to come! I should be looking rather whalish by then, thanks to Goy's growing little body.

Well, this pointless class is almost over, so farewell!

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