Monday, February 21, 2011

Okay, So TODAY, Oh, Today

My doctor's appointment on Friday was not actually one where I got to see a doctor. Therefore, no heartbeat listening. But TODAY is the day.

Friday, at the appointment, we took care of gettting me in the system, figuring out my insurance (I'm 100% covered by Medicaid! Thank God), going over a bunch of pregnancy stuff, and getting bloodwork. My nurse was fantastic, I really like her. Oh, and best part... I GET A FEMALE DOCTOR! That is fabulous. I understand that male OB/GYNs are proficient in their job and very good at it, I'm sure, but they are MEN. They will never experience what I'm experience, they will never know how it really is to be pregnant even though they know the ins and outs of pregnancy. Even more, he will NEVER have a vagina. I'd like my doctor to have a vagina since she will be examing mine. Not exactly a comfortable experience with an unfamiliar male (or familiar male, at that... except for certain experiences, which I'm positive you all can figure out. However, even in familiarity, I'd rather not be EXAMINED. Sounds embarrassing from all points of view).

As far as my blood work went, I had to have a glucose test. That meant I had to drink this super, overly sweet, orange drink. It tasted like what I would imagine pure soda syrup to taste like.
Then, I had to wait an hour for this orange drink filled with glucose to scour through my system. When I came back, it was time to give blood!

That's pretty much all about my doctor's appointment. OOOOH! My ultrasound is on April 11th. So put your votes in on the sex of the baby and we'll see how many of you were right.

I'll be sure to post another blog tonight after I hear the baby's heartbeat. I'll even try to put a soundclip up. We'll see if it works. But, in the meantime, enjoy this beautiful day. Ciao!