Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shameless Promotion

A friend of mine confessed yesterday that she really digs my blog. In fact, this is what she said:
"Oh my gosh I am so behind on reading your blog. It's wonderful, you know. You should probably be a writer. Make it into a book, something like that. It's gold I tell ya, GOLD."
She also suggested that I do some promotion for my blog:
"Well we should work on gettin it out there!!! :P you're onl[y] a third of the way through, there's many more blog to be written!!! Many more opportunities to get noticed"
So, here it is, a start to my promotion. If you like reading my blog, that's incredibly awesome. I enjoy writing it, so we make a good team. My purpose in starting this blog was not about entertaining the masses and possibly getting my foot in the door to the writing party. I started it in hopes that friends and family would read it and stay updated (partially selfish, seeing that I didn't want to repeat the same facts and stories over and over again). However, if something more can be accomplished from my blog, then who am I to deny it such success? Therefore, I've decided to promote.


Idea #1: If you like and read my blog often, become a follower. This helps my blog to show up more easily in searches, and can also help my blog be recommended to other readers.

Idea #2: Share it with your friends. If every person who read my blog and became a follower shared it with 5 other people... well, you are all smart. You can do the math.

Idea #3: I'm nominating my blog for Blogger's Choice Awards. Maybe take a second to vote. Here's the link. Vote For Goy's Debut! Goy is in four sections, so, if you're gonna vote, make sure to vote in all four.

Like I said, if nothing comes from this, I'm perfectly fine with that. My reasoning to begin the blog didn't include popularity. So, I thoroughly hope that everyone who reads this just enjoys it and is able to get a good bit of entertainment. Thanks!

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