Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Names, Names, Names, Names!

I tell you what, we are definitely not on short supply of extremely lovely names. Although I love the names I've picked out, I just keeping seeing other ones that grab my attention. So I must keep reminding myself of two things:

1. Goy hasn't been born, the birth certificate hasn't been filled out, so I still have time to change my mind.
2. I'm going to have more kids. Goy isn't the only one that I get to  name.

I mean, when you have names like Stella, Cassiopeia, Kalliope, and Penelope, how can you possibly pick just ONE?!?! (Well, two, I guess, if you are planning on using an extravagant middle name). And talk about boy names... Do I want something really masculine? Or what about something beautiful and classic? I think I'm stuck on the name Jasper. But, goodness, what about the name Jack? Doesn't that just ooze manliness? Whouldn't you like to be held by a man named Jack on a dramatic, stormy night, when you've somehow become lost? You'll be standing there, curls plastered againsts your back, your satin night gown soaked, your body chilled to the bone. Then, out of nowhere, comes manly Jack, who is now holding you tight and assuring you that everything is going to be okay.

How about Gage (second "g" sounds like a "j" for those who aren't very good with the English language)? That is totally a bad boy name. Looks like we'll be staying away from that one (although, if there's a man out there named Gage who is tall, dark, and handsome, I'm single).

Then there's the classic, handsome, "I'm going to go to Harvard" name, like Jasper. Oh, Jasper.

Then you get names that mean something, names that mean absolutely nothing, names that you think should mean something but don't mean anything...

What about names like Drew and Dylan for a girl? You know, give her a little tough side. Granted, I don't like either of those names, but some unisex names have crossed my mind. Then again, I have a unisex name and I don't think it's super fabulous, to be honest. I like my name, but I don't think it gives me some edge on life, or a feeling of superiority because I wasn't named to be "girlie".

I always come back to Stella. Stella, a princess, but a warrior princess. Any little girl of mine is going to be tough as nails. Also, much easier to spell than Cassiopeia (although I still love the name). Hmmm... thankfully, I have a little over six months to overthink this even more. But for now, I think I've talked myself into sticking with Stella and Jasper.

If you have any name suggestions, feel free to spell 'em out.

Or... I could give Goy more than one middle name... 2 wouldn't be so bad... or 3... 4 might even be cute...


  1. Names were such a problem with us. We had a girl name almost instantly, but a boys name took umtil a week before we out boy or girl.

    PS. I LOVE Gage (:

  2. Yeah, it's been a real issue! I have a feeling I won't be really settled until much later.

    P.S. I really love Gage, too.