Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm So Busy...

BUT, I promised to write. Even though I'm SUPER TIRED and have and ENTIRE book to read. Before Friday.

Monday Doctor's Appointment: So I met with my doctor on Monday, Dr. Stevens. I was super excited to have a female doctor... Until I realized that she would have a male med student tailing her the whole time, and I mean the WHOLE time. This was rather uncomfortable when it came time for my "downstairs" check-up (which is a rather unpleasant experience to begin with without a male med student ogling behind my doctor). The whole GYN part of the OB/GYN visit was just rather weird; I felt like I was at the circus, and I was the main event.: nurses were walking in and out, we had Mr. prying med student gazing into the depths of MOI, Dr. Stevens poking and prodding; the only person who DIDN'T see my privates was my mom, which I thought was kind of funny, considering she birthed me. So I just kept looking at her, smiling like there was nothing unusual going on in my nether region.

 But wait! Lots of good news, too! First, we talked about my health (Do you have diabetes? No. Do you have heart problems? No. Do you have...? NO, NO, NO!), then we proceeded to talk about how my pregnancy has been so far. Finally came time to look for Goy's heartbeat! Dr. Steven's told me NOT to freak out if there was no heartbeat, because 12-13 weeks is pretty much the earliest you can hear the heartbeat. So we searched and searched and searched. At last, there is was. But we didn't hear it for long: Goy loves to swim around and was outta that spot in no time. My doctor also said that Goy was probably behind my uterus, which was why it was so hard to find in the first place. However, it was still such a blessing even if I only got the hear it for a few seconds.

Second really good thing: All my blood work was fine and I DON'T HAVE HIV!!! Ha ha. What a relief that was (in case you're not so bright, this is a joke. I knew I didn't have HIV). My blood count is normal, my blood pressure is good, I don't have gestational diabetes, etc.,etc. So that was all good news. And I won't have to give more blood 'til much later on in my pregnancy. I'll also have to have another Glucose test around that same time.

That was pretty much the entirety of the appointment. Well, she did push on my belly alot and do other weird things that I won't go into graphic detail about (it felt alot like being violated... ugh). We scheduled my next appointment (April 8th, my birthday, and three days before my ultrasound). She told me that if I have any worries I could call or go to the ER... and that was it. I said farewell to her and her leeching med student accompaniment and proceeded to my Organic Chemestry class.

And there we have it: The story of my first REAL prenatal doctor's appointment! Au revoir!

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  1. My Doc was a guy for my last month of visits and to top it off he had a male intern following him. Luckily all the male intern did was find Ollie's heartbeat and measure my stomach, no oogling my nether regions for him. I was terrified he was going to put gloves on and go under. Those exams always felt like being violated, especially since my cervix decided to be way in the back so they always had to dig... I'm glad everything is going good (: