Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Million Years

... That's how long I feel like it's been since I've updated this poor, neglected blog. I thought an update was WAY passed due.

The last thing everyone read about was how my little bundle of joy has an extra appendage, creating the conclusion that Goy is a boy. Goy has in fact been Jack for almost 2 months now. Incredible how time flies, really. Just wish it would fly a little faster because I am SO over Organic Chemistry and Genetics. I can't wait to go home and spend a full month doing NOTHING. My mom says she's not going to let me do nothing, but we'll see what happens.

As of yesterday, I hit 26 weeks pregnant. According to BabyGaga, THIS is the last week of my second trimester. According to BabyCenter, NEXT weeks (week 27) is the end of my second trimester. I'm more inclined to trust BabyCenter. Seems more... professional. Either way, I'm on the home stretch of my second trimester, ready to enter into the third and FINAL installment of my pregnancy! This one goes by the slowest, so I've heard. But, thankfully, with school keeping me busy, everything seems to go by pretty quickly. Don't think this will change just because the Time Fairy knows I'm entering my third trimester.

I'm not sure if I expressed on here the worry we (my family and I) were going through thinking about summer from a financial point of view. Summer financial aid is not typically given with awards and grants few and far between. With summer classes at about $1,500 and campus housing around $2,500, no financial aid was going to be a HUGE deal. But my mom said, "Don't worry about it. We will find a way to pay for everything. God will provide." And He certainly did.

Housing Miracle: I had recently reconnected with an old friend from Orlando when I found out she was at UF. We hadn't spent much time together when she asked me what my housing situation was for the summer. After telling her my arrangements, she asked me if I would like to use her apartment (about a ten minute walk from classes) for the summer for the cost of utilities and only utilities. I said hell yeah, pretty much.

Financial Aid Miracle: When I expressed my distress to Courtney, she told me that I still could apply for summer financial aid. So I checked the box that said, "Apply for Summer Financial Aid" and waited for a result. I got grants. Lots of grants. Over $2000 of grants. Go figure. Now I have enough to pay for my housing and my tuition all from grants. God's pretty cool, right?

Onto news about the baby.

My pregnancy has stayed very easy and simple with no complications. Jack is super healthy, a little on the big side (I knew BD [baby daddy] was going to have been a whale baby, making our baby a whale baby since I TOO was a whale baby), and already super fun :) I think he's doing some kind of dance in my womb, maybe it's the salsa, maybe it's the mamba. I can't decide. I know it's something zippy. I love going to my Doctor's appointments and getting to hear his incredible heart beat. I also know he's going to come out and Organic Chemistry and Genetics genius since it's what he gets to hear about ALL summer.

Today I had my first big scare. Well, it really started while I was sleeping. I woke up at around 3:30 am in horrible pain. It felt like what I would imagine to be a contraction. It didn't subside and then come back like they are supposed to; it was strong and steady for about 2 minutes until I finally decided to get out of bed. It stopped immediately. I didn't really think anything of it because I know that Braxton Hicks contractions are really common. However, I was informed the next day (today) that Braxton Hicks contractions aren't supposed to hurt. Then I got thinking about the fact that I hadn't felt Jack move for a while. I started paying close attention to my tummy while in class and afterwards, and still there was nothing. Normally he is practicing his dance routine while I'm in class (it's his only form of entertainment when I'm busy and can't talk to him, poke him, or prod him). I started to freak out and decided it was time to call the doctor. They transfered me over the Labor and Delivery in the hospital. The nurse I spoke with told me that I should come in to get monitored. So I found a ride to the hospital and got all hooked up to the monitor when the little trickster started moving around. Go figure. Turns out he is just as healthy now as he was before, and my "contraction" was probably caused by his body putting serious pressure on some nerves in my abdomen. Needless to say, I'm extremely relieved. I guess Jack just wanted some attention since all I've been doing lately is studying. "Mom... mom.... MOM! Okay, that's it... it's time to scare her into paying attention to me." Something like that, I would imagine.

In other news, my due date was changed to September 7th when I had my ultrasound. I was very happy about that because it gave me a a LITTLE more leeway with my summer classes-pregnancy debacle. My baby shower is still set for the 14th of August, and my registries are still at Babies'R'Us and Target listed under Alex Conte. There are a FEW things on an amazon registry, but mostly stuff that is on the other two, but at a lower price. OH! I bought Jack's crib :) Most of it was a gift (I was given a $100 check for the baby, the crib was on super sale for $150). I'm very excited about it. It's beautiful and a 4-in-1, so it should last Jack his entire life!

Just imagine it with blue bedding :) It's going to be spectacular. I'm super bummed that I have to wait so long to set it up ("we", mostly meaning my parents when I'm not visiting, are still living in the one bedroom duplex in the Island while our actual house is being rented out). But once August gets here, it's going up! I can't wait to get Jack's room put together. 

In other news, my family is starting to get excited about Jack's arrival. My mom is EXTREMELY excited. Whenever I meet someone new, she says, "This is my daughter, Alex; and this (pointing to my stomach) is my grandson, Jack!" It's really cute. My dad is also starting to get really psyched and he is very happy that there will be a guy to carry on the Conte name. My grandparents are definitely USED to the idea and they seem ready to meet the little guy. Overall, everyone is ready for him to get here! 

Well, I have to return to the droll life of studying. I hope I've talked about all the important stuff. Sorry it had been so long since I'd written! I'll try not to let it be so long until the next update :) Ciao!