Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gator Baby

I've been experiencing a want to buy baby clothes and baby things ever since I decided to keep Goy. I've tried not to act upon this urge since I don't know if Goy is going to be a boy or a girl, and I'm not terribly fond of the pastel yellow that people seem to associate with a nongendered baby. However, as most urges go, something must be done to make them subside.

Courtney and I took one of our semi-usual trips to Walmart (sometimes we go to Target if we don't really NEED anything, but just have the urge to look). I can't remember exactly what we went there for, I think maybe a case of bottled water since I go through a 24 pack in about five days.
Then again, I could be wrong. We may have gone to Walmart just to go to Walmart. But either way, I had, once again, this strong urge to go look at all the baby stuff, even though I KNEW that I shouldn't, because I would want to buy all of these clothes that just might be wrong for my baby. However, I went anyway. I grinned broadly as I looked at all of the cute, little, tiny clothing, in all of these different styles adjusted for the use of miniature humans. I picked up a Newborn sweater, quite scholarly in appearance, and imagined Goy (as a boy, of course) looking so dignified, sitting in his car seat wearing this adorable, gray sweater. I clutched it to my chest and carried it around with me, while I looked at other baby attire. I had picked out a second article of clothing by the time Courtney found me (she had taken a separate expedition to the bathroom).
"Alex, you don't even know if Goy is going to be a boy or a girl."
"But they're only a few dollars! And I think they look kinda unisex!"
"Alex, they look like boy clothes."
I succumbed to her wisdom and, sadly, put back the little treasures.
"I want to buy baby clothes!" I whined.
Then, a thought struck me... I'm a Gator... which  means that Goy is going to be a baby Gator... and baby Gator onesies HAVE to be considered unisex. I expressed my feeling to Courtney, and she told me about a corner of the Walmart that had strictly Gator stuff.
"I'm sure it has baby clothes," she said.
I rushed to the Gator corner and, there inseed, was baby Gator apparrel: baby cheerleading outfits, baby football jerseys, baby everything. And then, in a small corner of the corner, were the baby Gator onesies. How fabulous! I could fulfill my urge to buy baby clothes without having to buy those ugly, pastel yellow outfits! I picked out a set of two for babies 3 to 6 months.

And that, my friends, is the story of my first purchase for my precious, little Goy. THE END!


  1. I had such the urge to buy baby clothes before we knew whether Ollie was a boy or a girl. It really sucked, because buying baby clothes helped make me feel better when I was really stressed out about moving. If you buy clothes, it's ok to buy blue, if Goy is a girl, you can just add a bow to Goy's head (:

  2. Ha ha Awww, well I do love blue! But it's all these little boy or little girl outfits, not necessarily just blue or pink. But I am gonna need some newborn onesies. I also have to remember that I'm going to have a baby shower!

  3. you can also return or exchange the clothes once you find out the sex :)

  4. Lol that's true, too. But I'm really terrible at keeping receipts!