Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick Baby Update

So, I think I've pretty much brought this blog up to speed, as far as important events go. I've started to take belly pictures. For those of  you who don't see them on Facebook, I will put them here.

 These first two are 10 weeks, 5 days

11 weeks, 2 days. A little bit of difference.

I'm anxiously awaiting my upcoming doctor's appointment (next Friday!) and I'm crossing my finger that, since it will be the end of my first trimester, I will be allowed to hear Goy's heartbeat. I'm also really nervous that things won't go well (as far as going to listen to the heartbeat and it not being there). But I'm trying to remind myself of what my mom always says: "Worry builds bridges over rivers you may never have to cross." So I'm trying to make that my mantra. Really, I just want someone to tell me that my baby is okay.

Well, I have to go be a dork and watch Harry Potter. BYYEEE.


  1. Goy is fine! You're belly is growing, that's a great thing!