Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's A....

BOY! If you didn't guess by the change of the blog name :) I'm so thrilled. Now that I know he's a boy, I think, deep down, I WANTED a boy.

It was incredible to see my baby up on the screen. It was surreal. I had to keep reminding myself that that was MY baby, that image up there was coming from INSIDE of me. It was the single most incredible thing I've ever seen. My mom was with me and my roommate, Courtney. The ultrasound tech checked all of his organs and we saw his little heart beating :) It was so cool. Jack's doing just fine, all snuggled up in there. I'm a week behind what I thought, so on Wednesday I'll be 19 weeks, instead of being 20 weeks today. My due date is now September 7th. I'm glad that it's a week later than I thought because that's not pushing it QUITE so close to the end of my summer classes. However, I am sad that it's not so close to my daddy's birthday. I was hoping Jack would have the same birthday. But, oh well!

So, here he is, little baby Jack!
I can't believe that precious thing is in my belly! I love him so much already. I can't wait to meet him.
Well, I need to get back to homework! Ciao! 

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