Thursday, April 14, 2011

Could I Be More Excited?

I absolutely cannot wait for it to be at LEAST August 5th (marking the end of the summer semester when I finally get to go home for five months). I will sufficiently giant by then, with all of the horrible companions of pregnancy. My friends will include back pain, extra swollen feet, constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, shortness of breath, hot flashes, moodiness, exhaustion, and plenty more, I'm sure.

The big news is that I've set my baby shower date. It is August 14th :) I'm registered at Babies"R"Us and Target! Both of them are listed under Alex Conte. So exciting! I'm so impatient to meet little Jack. I can only imagine how handsome he is going to be.

New development? I've become completely freaked out thinking about child birth. I can tell that when I realize I'm going into labor, I'm going to cry just THINKING about the events that are in my pathway. Of course, Jack as the end result  will make everything totally worth it, but I wish he would just diffuse out of my body.

Other big news? My best friend (you know, the one I've known since she was born only a few, short months after me?) is having her second child. She is due two weeks after me. We've always dreamt about having babies at the same time and now it is actually happening! I'm super happy about that :) If she is having a girl, we are going to have her marry Jack. Prearranged marriages still happen all the time! ... Don't look at me like that. Of course I'm joking, but it would be lovely if they fell in love and got married. But, that is way down the road.

I must go now and watch "Modern Family" with Courtney. I love this show! Au revoir!

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