Saturday, January 29, 2011

Gainesville Bound

I'd told my friends, I'd told the new daddy, but I was really, really, REALLY scared to tell my parents. I mean, I'm their BABY. No one wants to think about their baby having a baby (at least when your baby is still in college, doesn't have a job anymore, and doesn't have a boyfriend, much less a husband). So I was having a hard time picturing the look on my parent's faces. Therefore, I decided to break the news via telephone so I didn't HAVE to see their faces.

One of my friends advised me to wait to tell them until I was settled in my dorm. I was all for this. They deserved the "college experience" with their daughter: that feeling of dropping me off in a big city where I would meet people who liked the same things as me, further my college career, and really grow into a big success. Their baby, going off the college to really live away (as in more than just across town) from them for the first time. The last thing they needed to hear on the way to leave me in a new city to fend for myself was that I was pregnant.

Driving up there with my proud parents, this big secret of mine threatening to fall out of my mouth, was so NOT fun. It was kind of easy to cover because I was still getting over a chest cold, so I wasn't feeling well anyway. Finally, we reached our destination. They helped me get all settled in. I bawled when they left, already feeling alone.

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